Main Achievements

The DeVilbiss Co.

  • Rewrote the outputs from the MRP to better reflect manufacturing and customer demand, saving £500,000 in first 6 months.
  • Wrote the KDE (Key data entry) system to replace Mohawk key-to-tape with PC-based application. Corporate benefit £250,000
  • Designed, wrote and then implemented a Client Server system, based on a new database technology, allowing retention of existing NCR mainframe, saving replacement cost of £1.5million

Flight Refueling Ltd

  • Hacked the internals of ICL’s IDMSX DBMS and found a solutions to ICL’s OMAC performance problems under heavy load – which ICL then bought from and marketed. This saved on new mainframes and gained ICL customers a better product.
  • Redesigned and reengineered the imaging system to meet international aerospace and ISO 9000 protocols and standards, securing ongoing business from Boeing, Rolls Royce, McDonald Douglas etc.
  • Developed the interface between the stores processing system (PC based), the sales order processing system (HP 3000), and the manufacturing system (ICL OMAC VME).

Self Employed

  • Supported Flight Refuelling Ltd with imaging systems
  • Developed the Radio Data Manager database and web interfaces for FEBC Inc and later for FEB (International)
  • Developer for “World By Radio” web site
  • Designed a number of web sites for small businesses and charities

Churchill Retirement Living

  • Developed HR System - Intranet based
  • Developed other local systems on the Intranet
  • Designed and Developed Churchill Retirement website(s).