Projects so far

Many website have been developed up to 2018 - most based on NewlinsNet's own CMS. If you like what you see - ask for more information about this very flexible CMS.

At Churchill Retirement, the intranet developed around ColdFusion running under Apache and utilised MySQL databases.

Redesigned and developed the Churchill Retirement websites - long time ago now - so a lot has changed!!

Other projects include the Radio Data Manager (Visual Basic and MS SQL system) which links to the World By Radio website (PHP and MySQL).

For a while, after Newlins Computing (below),  self-employed partner within WinWin Solutions. Continued developing Winhire, WinArchive, WinRecruit, FRL ATR system, FRL DipSystem, and FRL Recruit! software products. Additionally, provided consultations on network and pc systems.

Within Newlins Computing I worked on the WinArchive, FRL ATR system, FRL DipSystem, Winhire software products.

During the employment with Flight Refueling Ltd a number of specific projects were developed. In summary they were:-

Develop and extend the OMAC on-line service using low level techniques to provide resilience and better performance (low level IDMSX and advanced COBOL).

Develop on-line help desk system (mainframe).

Develop service to provide extended facilities for Querymaster users and integrate requests into batch overnight scheduler.

Develop system to extract requests from OMAC database and integrate requests into batch overnight scheduler.

Develop AS400 -> ICL VME conversion programs (Visual Basic)

Develop Visual Basic front end to Telxon Stores Picking System, integrating HP3000 SOP System and ICL OMAC System to pass information to and from these systems.

Develop UNIX AWK scripts and shell scripts to provide extended enquiries to the ISIS Toolware system.

Develop DIF conversion program to allow a DIF file to be converted to either CSV or Access Database.

Develop Document Image Display system to work in conjunction with other imaging systems. Written in VB4/Windows95.

Provide automatic system for data transfer between disparate computer systems and protocols.

Develop Time Recording Interface for Rs/6000 systems.

Provide operational and systems support during conversion of systems.