Services Available

Technical Services

  • General Technical Computer Maintenance
  • Installation of Broadband
  • Complete rebuild of computer software
  • Partial rebuild of computer software
  • Removal of viruses and spyware

Development Services

  • Websites
  • Windows Applications
  • Database design and setup


  • Help with internet, network and application integration, strategy and planning.

Additional services are available

  • Website Hosting
  • Network configuration
  • Internet Application Development

Further Information

The base rate of £40 per hour is standard across all regimes exept when advised.

The exceptions will be when called upon to work as a technical advisor (or consultant) - when you require specialist advice towards strategy and planning. Depending on the requirements the rates for this work will be from £75 per hour to £125 per hour. Please ask for the best rate for your solution needs.

NewlinsNet aims to provide you with the best service - this will often mean hours of research and preparing reports for you - we aim to make sure that you are fully informed before you make any decisions.

Why should you pay your IT consultant/PC Engineer less than you pay your car mechanic, electrician or plumber? However, if you need our services and cannot afford these rates - please ask - there are special deals for charities and disadvantaged people.