Services Available


If you ask we may be able to do it! Over the years we have worked on networking,  application development for various types of computer (desktop computers up to mainframes), hardware maintenance of personal computers,  and development of websites. 

Generally speaking our emphasis is on website design and development with the focus on website that are responsive and easy for the end user to maintain. To this end our own Content Management System is under constant development to create a more effective and easy to use environment. 

This website was built and maintained using the NewlinsNet CMS.

Further Information

The base rate of £50 per hour is standard across all regimes exept when advised.

The exceptions will be when called upon to work as a technical advisor (or consultant) - when you require specialist advice towards strategy and planning. Depending on the requirements the rates for this work will be from £75 per hour to £125 per hour. Please ask for the best rate for your solution needs.

NewlinsNet aims to provide you with the best service - this will often mean hours of research and preparing reports for you - we aim to make sure that you are fully informed before you make any decisions.

Why should you pay your IT consultant/PC Engineer less than you pay your car mechanic, electrician or plumber? However, if you need our services and cannot afford these rates - please ask - there are special deals for charities and disadvantaged people.