Web Sites Developed

The number of sites with bespoke development or built around the new NewlinsNet CMS is growing.

There are of course a number of websites that, whilst designed and developed, are still being completed in terms of content. If you would like to see examples of these - please ask.

 Additionally, a couple of major developments are internal company website... so of course you can't view them here...

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St Mary's Church. Ferndown.

This site has many unique features built in 

Pauls Personal Site

Paul's Personal Site

Paul's personal site contains a number of essays as well as poems. A basic CMS site
St Gwenns

St Gwenn - Celtic Orthodox Church

This site has grown exponentially and now uses many of the features of the CMS.

St Gwenns

Lamorna Publications

Latest incarnation makes special use of some of the features of the CMS. Thinking outside the box has produced a very nice site.


Tenants Association of the National Trust (TANT)

Charity operating on behalf of the tenant custodians of the National Trust.

Countryside Accounting

Countryside Accounting

Another site that I love working with. Some interesting qirks!

Tudor Flag Properties

Tudor Flag Properties

Another site that I love working with. This had a new feature to create the sales side.

Tudor Flag Properties

Blandford Community Promotions

This events promotion site has had an extension to the CMS specifically to handle ticket management