Web Sites Developed

The number of sites with bespoke development or built around the new NewlinsNet CMS is growing.

There are of course a number of websites that, whilst designed and developed, are still being completed in terms of content. If you would like to see examples of these - please ask.

 Additionally, a couple of major developments have been internal company websites... so of course you can't view them here...

St Marys

St Mary's Church. Ferndown.

This site has many unique features built in - currently using a bespoke version of the CMS is due to be upgraded to the new version very shortly!

Paul Newlin ( Newlin

Paul's rather more personal site. Somewhat eclectic!


Follow this site for help in developing your own site with the CMS

St Gwenn - Celtic Orthodox ChurchSt Gwenns

A slightly unusual website! This one has no sidebar or extra area. As of 6/4/2014 needs an been around a while and needs a check on user styling amongst other things.

Lamorna PublicationsSt Gwenns

A slightly unusual website! This one has a side bar - that forms the right half of the page.

Tenants Association of the National Trust (TANT)

Charity operating on behalf of the teTANT (UK)Tenant custodians of the National Trust.

MouthPeace Dental PracticeMouthpeace

Mouthpeace Dental Practice - a basic CMS site.