Our Vision


Simple statements of what often seems the hardest, I know what I want, so I will always strive to do my best to be a God-loving honest person who is only going to try and provide the best solution for the best rate. 


As part of the Vision of we aim to:

  • Pursue excellence in Internet Technology to further Outreach ministries
  • Provide Web Site Design and Hosting for Christian Organisations
  • Provide software development for Christian Organisations
  • And anything else that helps others

What we Provide

Our goal is to ensure that your experience is at least non-obtrusive and as hassle-free as is possible.

Our doggedness in finding the right solution for you - whatever your budget - is well known in the area. If you give us your requirements and the budget available, we will endeavour to provide the best solution possible. And if we can't then we will advise you on the required budget, timescale or sometimes we may tell you that you already have the best solution and it only needs training to fully utilise what you have.

We have no affiliation with major suppliers - but we do know what we like - and we like performance and reliability on a budget!